Harpic Platinum Active Shield Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner 500 ml


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First ever Harpic cleaner with stain-resistant technology

Creates a protective non-sticky layer in toilet bowl to help prevent stain build-up

After a single wash with Harpic Platinum, the protective layer keeps toilet clean for upto 100 flushes

Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner, kills 99.9% of germs

Powerful stain removal including lime scale and rust


Harpic Platinum Active Shield combines the powerful stain removal of Harpic with revolutionary Stain-Resistant technology. This technology prevents stains from sticking by forming a protective non-sticky layer on the toilet bowl or pan and keeps your toilet cleaner for longer. Use the new Harpic Platinum not only to clean toilet but also to keep it clean, for up to 100 flushes!

Usage Information: Get a cleaner and hygienic toilet in just 4 steps- Open, Pour, Brush and Flush for a clean and fresh toilet. Harpic Platinum can also be used on Pans, it doesn’t harm the septic tank. Read the label for detail.

Safety Measure: Always use Harpic platinum separately. Do not mix with other products. This product is not edible and harmful for eyes and skin. Wash with water immediately in case of contact with Skin or Eyes and consult a doctor. Read label for detail.

About the Manufacturer: Harpic is a registered Trademark of Reckitt PLC headquartered in England. The first Harpic product was manufactured during 1920s in England. Harpic is the number 1 selling toilet cleaner in the world. Harpic Platinum is made in Bangladesh by Reckitt Benckiser (Bangladesh) Ltd.

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